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Have it both ways!! 

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Healthier Mouth

  • Improves Gum health in just 2 weeks
  • Removes 7x more plaque than manual  toothbrushes
  • Removes surface stains from everyday smoking, food and drinks, giving you a noticeably brighter smile
  • 2x whiter teeth after using our product regularly as instructed

Healthier Skin

  • With our patented Sonic-Derm attachable head our customers are granted the ability to improve their skin care by having the chance to exfoliate and rejuvenate their skin without having to buy a $100+ brush separately
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with exfoliation your skin promotes the cells to increase repair creating a younger more healthy glow

Look and Feel Great

  • With both our toothbrush and Sonic-Derm heads combined you can feel better than ever!!
  • No more worries of having multiple items to keep track of our travel with!!
  • Now you can carry just one Sonic-Derm toothbrush and not have to skip on your beauty regime or sacrifice precious cargo space for a exfoliation brush, toothbrush, etc.

Why Sonic-Derm

The Reason Everyone Should Upgrade

The Difference between a traditional out dated manual toothbrush is that in comparison to the electric toothbrush, the electric toothbrush is far superior in terms of cleanliness efficiency and time saving. The electric toothbrush removes up to 7x more plaque and residual residue that would normally be left behind a manual toothbrush. Not only does the electric toothbrush allow the user to experience a cleaner outcome of brushing their teeth but requires a lot less effort to reach a higher quality cleaning. Rather than having to rapidly move your arms to scrub the plaque off your teeth, electric toothbrushes vibrate side to side in a rapid motion imitating that motion. Electric toothbrush users however are able to scrub their teeth alongside the toothbrush vibration for a boosted result.

Electric toothbrushes also aid people with arthritis or rheumatism, which will take the strain off brushing vigorously in order to maintain oral health. Research have found electrically powered brushing to be more effective in dislodging dental plaque than traditional brushing. These days, electronic toothbrushes are designed to accommodate every mouth.

With electric toothbrushes the user also does not have to throw away the whole toothbrush every few months but just throw away and replace the heads that are detachable in order to keep the high quality results we all desire.

With electric toothbrushes the user is now reminded of the time spent brushing their teeth with a two minute timer that comes standard now a days in order to prevent under brushing, that of which is the number one reason for issues relating to oral hygiene. The two minute timer allows busy individuals to have a peace of mind that they are not wasting their precious time with over brushing, nor do they have to worry if they have been brushing for the appropriate amount of time.

This gadget can help children understand the concept of time and instill the discipline to do a thorough job of cleaning their teeth. With constant subconscious reinforcement brushing won't be a chore/nuisance but rather a habit for children.

The electric toothbrush, when compared to a manual toothbrush, cleans more efficiently within the same amount of time because of the higher number of brushstrokes.

Although an electric toothbrush costs more than a manual toothbrush, it is really a sound investment for your long term oral health and well being. 

Be it manual or electric, the most important key to good oral hygiene is consistency. Getting into the habit of brushing (for no less than 2 minutes) and flossing your teeth on a daily basis will benefit your dental health greatly. Owning a toothbrush that you are comfortable with will infinitely influence your brushing habits.


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